Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Two Cents on the New Microsoft Logo

Yes, in a previous life I was a "pure" graphic designer, and icon/logo design was (and is) one of my favorite exercises. So today's unveiling of Microsoft's new logo was an interesting "back to roots" story.
One of the things that I noticed is that the square boxes and the thin lines between are EXACT proportionally to the panels on a Windows Phone home screen. Furthermore, the white space between the right squares and the "M" in Microsoft is the EXACT same proportion to the empty black bar on a Windows Phone. You can see an example of the spacing below.

Assuming that was intentional, that's the kind of cool geeky stuff I like about logo design -- those "hidden" design cues that are subliminal but cool when you discover them. In addition the little "o" letters fit almost exactly inside a square, so there's a carryover of size and proportion as you read from left to right.

I never understood the whole "four colors" thing with Microsoft; but since it is a part of their brand DNA, I suppose killing it was not an option. (They'd probably be accused of what Apple did long ago when Steve Jobs killed the rainbow in its logo).

The connected "f" and "t" ... I'm a bit yucky on that. I know previous logos had that connection, but it just seems out of place when every other letter and shape has white space to separate them.

I know there are people out there who are crapping on the logo, but c'mon, people. Have a sense of proportion:

You're telling me that the company would've been better off keeping one of the older logos? You've got to be kidding. This new logo is a far better design than the last one. Kudos to Microsoft for trying to reinvent its image. That said, a logo is only as good as the products you stamp it on ... so get to work!

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