Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Responsive Web Design Will Never Ever Die ... Just Like Flash

Ah, crap -- even my design co-workers are giving me grief about my anti-Responsive Web Design rants. So just to ease their worries (and not get fired) some clarifying points:

1. You were the same web designers who told me that in 2008 Flash was the future of web design. I did not agree, and you mocked and teased. So cut me a little slack when I have a little skepticism when you say that in 2012 RWD is the future of web design. Just saying...

2. I have no problem with the concept of RWD. I do have a problem with the reality of RWD. You show me a web site that does RWD awesomely right and I'll give you 10 that get it awesomely wrong. And you know I'm right about that -- don't make me name URLs...

3. If you are my client and want RWD, you're money's still good here. In fact, I'll make it f**king golden for you. But I'll still make you read this.

4. If your business is e-commerce to mobile phone users for products that require immediate delivery (mobile apps, subscription content, express delivery, food, etc.) ... then mea culpa. Retraction issued. Get your mobile checkout on!

Here's another great analysis on semi-anti-RWD -- so I don't feel like a lone wolf on this one.

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