Monday, February 18, 2013

Web Design Trends a.k.a. Sh!t You Won't Dare Design in 2015

Yeah, this new post is based on an old one that focused on epidemic web design trends. And as you can imagine, some of these trends have made their way into mobile apps.

Is your app guilty of being a trendonista? I decided to take the test myself to find out.

Stitching: Yup, but only because my clients asked for it.

Zigzag Borders: Hell no. Why use 80 short lines to define a space when you can use just one?

Forked Ribbons: No. This is definitely trendy eye candy.

Handmade Textures: Yes, but I don't think this is trendy per se. Maybe the use of distressed textures, perhaps, to give a weathered look to a web site.

Letterpress: Nope. I think this is a nice effect that's just a bit overused.

19th-Century Illustration: Huh? How lazy of a designer are you to use clip art?

There were more but the article lost my attention; they were trends I definitely didn't follow though.

But the article's a good read nevertheless. The end of the article has some good tips on how to avoid getting caught up in the latest design trends. That was probably the most useful part of the whole piece.

Anyway, it's safe to say that at UXUiOS, we march to our own beat, and don't (in most cases) fall prey to the trends of the day. You're welcome.

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